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It’s that time again! Time to share a little room refresh using Better Homes and Gardens products from Walmart. This month, we were challenged to make a space “fresh for spring”. I chose to freshen up our half bath in our finished basement, which is the primary bath for guests when we are lucky to have them. Have you ever seen an abandoned prison cell bathroom? Well, then you have seen what our half bath used to look like. Take note of the photo below, taken on inspection day before my husband and I bought our house. Even spilling a can of paint in there would have been an improvement.


Behind the bad 1970’s faux marble paneling are cinder block walls. I chose to replace the old walling with beadboard rather than drywall, partly for the savings but mostly because I love the look. We were lucky and hired a skilled handyman who also happens to also be a perfectionist… and that’s what you want, folks, when it comes to lining up those panels! The cinder block walls posed quite the electrical problem, rendering it impossible to add an outlet to the wall with the sink. How would my beloved guests ever curl, straighten or blow-dry their hair? And how would I hang a heavy mirror on the traditional behind-the-sink real estate? That’s where my problem-solving abilities came in to play. I decided to create a little vanity shelf with a mirror and. of coarse, an outlet. There is no storage in this tiny room, so I added hooks beneath the shelf and a few beautiful Better Homes and Gardens hand towels. The hooks can also serve as a place to store guests’ hair-prepping tools. I also incorporated a few pretties on the shelf to give off welcome vibes: flowers (in a tooth brush holder), nail polish, my favorite perfume, and some lotion.  Marbling is a huge trend right now (read: not bad faux-marble paneling) so I was pumped to find these marbled ceramic pieces at Walmart. BHG knocked it out of the park on this collection… everything looks SOOO high end. The soap pump really ratchets the whole scene up a notch.

As for a flooring solution (we needed to replace crumbling laminate tiles), lately I’ve been seeing drool-inducing concrete tiles everywhere, so I decided to paint the exposed concrete floors in a tile pattern myself. It was actually very easy. STEP ONE: Make a stencil out of cardboard. STEP TWO: Draw the pattern onto the floor and then STEP THREE: Hand paint within the lines. It wasn’t that hard of a job, but I was rather thankful it was a tiny room.

After the paint dried, it was ready for a bathmat. While one doesn’t have to have a bathmat in a half-bath, I love to take advantage of any opportunity to add texture to a room…. ergo, a bathmat! Because the floor is the star of this show, I didn’t want to cover too much of it and folded this BGH rug into thirds, which happens to be the perfect size for our petite sink.

Another focal point to this room is the art. The BHG gallery frames are exactly what one could want in a frame: clean lines, good weight, and it doesn’t cost one million dollars. These frames come in classic black, but I needed a little (a lot) more punch for this project, so I went bold with hot pink (TIP: do not cheap out on spray paint here. Buy the good stuff the fist time around… trust me). For the actual artwork, I took a photo of a bridal bouquet I designed for a client (did I also mention I’m a floral designer?), blew it up and rotated the opposing image for an abstract look. For those who would still prefer a mirror at the sink, I found this great oil-rubbed bronze magnifying makeup mirror, also by Better Homes and Gardens.

Last of all is the faceted black trash can (maybe even my favorite item). I was pleasantly surprised at how substantial this little guy is… certainly another “way more high-end-looking” item.

So there you have it folks: from prison cell to guest-ready half-bath.

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